Wonderful World

At home in the world

Far-away destinations at your fingertips: Explore your dream vacation with the click of a mouse, and experience the pleasure of anticipation while you indulge your curiosity. Our hotels are as unique as the people, culture and country they represent. All our destinations have one thing in common: they offer so much more than just a place to stay. They are a home away from home, a promise, a realized dream, and perfectly lovely accomidations.


From the pristine natural world of the high North, far from the hubbub of mass tourism, to the fire and warmth of the people of the South, with culture and a rich history everywhere in between – Europe is a wonderful grab-bag with an endless number of fabulous destinations.



The call of the wilderness. Don’t sell the world’s second largest continent short though: Africa is so much more than desert, wild animals, and safaris. From the vineyards that surround Cape Town in South Africa to the pyramids of Egypt – Africa’s diversity is just waiting to be discovered.


A breathtaking spectacle awaits visitors to the land of the rising sun. Asia is the perfect place to step out of the familiar and into the extraordinary. A continent of contrasts — the skyscrapers of Hong Kong, the temples of Tibet, the diverse landscape of India, the powdery beaches of Thailand – for an adventure you’ll wish would never end.


The third largest ocean in the world: a giant known not just for its size, but also for its biodiversity and fabulous islands. Paradise right here on earth, where time is of no consequence.


Music at touch down: The Caribbean glows with joie de vivre and fiery rhythms. In the tropical zone of the Atlantic Ocean, the region offers the allures of magical, white beaches and crystal clear water. The Caribbean also has a lot to see for aficionados of art and culture.


And the sun is rising again and again! In the Orient it radiates directly into the heart and warms it for the beauties of the region: sun-drenched seaside resorts, unique desert tours, luxurious beach hotels and the perfect blend of Arab tradition and modern culture.