Menorca | Experimental Menorca

A 19th century estate renovated in the style of an artist’s summer residence gave it a new lease on life.

Menorca | Son Solita

That moment of anticipation and excitement before we enter a new living space is indescribable: can it, we wonder, live up to our expectations?

Ibiza | Los Enamorados

Decked out in fabulous Bohemian style, this vintage designer hotel is a sunny oasis for flower children and globetrotters of all kinds.

Ibiza | Cas Gasi

Life begins just 13km from Cala Salada and Santa Gertrudis de Fruitera, and could truly not be more wonderful.

Ibiza | Can Sastre

This slogan features prominently on the backs of hotel personnel, and indeed the special spirit of the island seems omnipresent in intimate, bucolic Can Sastre.

Castell son Claret

We could be slightly facetious and claim that the journey really is its own reward, for the path to Castell Son Claret runs through 250 meters of sweeping palms with impressive almond, olive, lemon an

Andalusia | Finca Cortesin

kay, that might be taking it a little far. But if a good fairy offered you just one wish, a stay at The Finca Cortesin would be an excellent choice.