Leben wie George Clooney am Comer See? Wir haben den Schlüssel zum Glück. Die Villa Angelina gehört zweifelsohne zu den außergewöhnlichsten Villen am Comer See.


Live like George Clooney on Lake Como: we have the key to your happiness. Villa Angelina is without a doubt one of the most exceptional villas on the shores of Lake Como, and more than ready for its close-up. And like a star, it prefers a life away from the bright lights, nestled into three hectares of gorgeous grounds and perfectly manicured gardens. A blockbuster for sure: the breath-taking villa with its private cinema is the leading lady, surrounded by a supporting cast that includes a pool house, a gymnasium, and romantic terraced house, player that emote the highest form of luxury. A truly perfect Cool Spot where up to 18 guests can enjoy la dolce vita to the fullest. Aesthetics, peace and elegant share the stage with luxury and comfort. See without being seen: enjoy a view of the lake while remaining invisible to curious holiday makers aboard their motorboats. Privacy guaranteed!

This gem from the 19th century was recently lovingly and extensively renovated to include all the creature comforts while carefully preserving the charm and grace of a by-gone era. Villa Angelina treads the boards with confidence and poise, a classic Italian beauty with exquisite furnishings, selected Italian antiques, and every imaginable amenity.


Closest city: Como, 20km

Closest airport: Milan, 1h

Rooms/ suites/ houses: 8 rooms, 10 bathrooms

Activities and amenities: tennis court, swimming pool, gym, in-house cinema, mountain biking, boat tours, private concierge service

Gastronomy: private chef

Price category: €€€€

Details: Villa Angelina is open year-round and can be rented by the week, for a weekend, or for events.


Lights, camera, action: The easiest way to arrive at this jewel on Lake Como is by boat. Dock at the jetty, traipse up the stone steps to the pool-side garden, and suddenly you’re the star of your very own love story.

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